School for Little Children
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

PM Enrichment Sch.


Cooking and Science

Monday- Kindergarten

Tuesday- 4’s

Wednesday - 2’s and Toddler III

Thursday- 3’s


Monday- Kindergarten, 2’s and 4’s

Tuesday- 2’s and 3’s

Wednesday- Kindergarten and 3’s

Thursday- Kindergarten and 4’s

Friday- Kindergarten, 3’s and 4’s


Monday – Kindergarten, 4’s and 3’s

Tuesday- Kindergarten and Toddler III

Wednesday- Kindergarten

Thursday Kindergarten and 2’s  

Friday-  Kindergarten, 4’s, 2’s and 3’s


Kindergarten Painting- Wednesday 12:45

Science Video- 4’s and K’s Wednesday 4:05

Bible Club- 4’s and K’s Friday 12:15