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Infant: Our infant teachers display warmth and support to babies by making frequent eye contact, singing, and talking to them. Teachers read simple books to babies, helping them to become familiar with sounds and words, and to develop their early language skills. Teachers pay close attention to cues from babies, hold them, and move them to new places and positions. Teachers introduce babies to a variety of activities to enhance visual, motor, and auditory skills. They provide constant activities for babies to reach, grasp, pull, rock, kick, scoot, bounce, sit, crawl, and walk. Over time, these movements become more coordinated and purposeful. Parents and teachers share information on a daily basis about babies’ needs, activities, and development.

Toddler: Toddlers are always on the go! They experience the world through their senses – particularly through taste and touch. Providing loving, consistent guidance and close supervision are important responsibilities of toddler teachers. Allowing toddlers to experiment within boundaries instills self-confidence and independence. We believe that it is important to work as a team with families to help children develop positives social skills.


Two Year Olds: During the day each child will experience social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual lessons. These experiences are learned through classroom activities and themes carefully designed to provide each child with a solid foundation for problem solving, exploration, and discovery. Gross motor skills are developed through a developmentally appropriate motor/movement class and music/movement class along with outdoor play activities.

Three Year Olds: Children are taught self-help skills, pre-reading skills, simple math skills, and pre-writing skills, with classroom activities designed to provide children with a solid foundation for academic and social development. Fine motor skills are developed through the use of manipulative activities; gross motor skill development is provided through music/movement and outdoor play activities. Independence and social skills are fostered as children learn to select and put away activities, participate in cooperative play, and develop respect and care for others and for the classroom environment.

Four Year Olds: Each day begins with circle time. The morning consists of a study of reading and math skills with time spent working with the teacher individually while the others work with activities throughout the room and group work. The curriculum presents frequent opportunities for use of manipulatives and art to reinforce the skills taught.

Kindergarten: Each day begins with circle time. The morning is divided equally between the math and reading programs. Children are also exposed to science, social studies, art, and Christian teachings. Children are taught to respect others and develop appropriate social and work skills. It is one of our main goals to help each child become self-sufficient.

Special Class Programs: Morning classes offered include: Spanish, Creative Expression, and Computer for ages three-kindergarten. Motor/Montessori and Music classes are offered for toddlers – kindergarten. School for Little Children offers three playgrounds for each age group to have outdoor time each day. Encouraging spiritual growth in our children is an important element of the School for Little Children Program. Each week, our children attend chapel for a time of singing, praying, and listening to brief Bible stories. We believe that a child is never too young to experience awareness of God’s love and care.

Afternoon Enrichment: Afternoon Enrichment classes are offered from 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. and are available for students in 2’s – Kindergarten morning classes. Activities in the afternoon include eating lunch, resting, playing on the playground, Bible Club, art activities, music, cooking, and science. Easel painting for the Kindergarten students is offered on Wednesdays. Extracurricular classes are offered at an additional cost.

Summer Programs

Sensational Summer: This program is held in June and July. Children may attend two days (Tuesday and Thursday), three days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), or five days per week. Program hours are 7:15 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Awesome August: This program is offered the month of August for full time students only. Program hours are 7:15 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.